Miss Monaco Academy

Modeling Workshop

A comprehensive modeling workshop
  • Modeling Genres: What type of modeling is for you?
  • The do’s and don’ts of becoming a model
  • Become a modeling pro: Healthy habits, skin, nail, and hair care routines, make up techniques
  • Runway moves from posture perfection to the model walk, stance and posing
  • Understanding how modeling agencies work
  • How to avoid model scams and work in the real world of modeling
  • How to dress for a go-see or agent interview and develop your agency interview skills
  • Get tips from the pros on natural and runway make up
  • What a model release form/agreement is?
  • Composite Card
  • and much more

How to be an Influencer

Dive into the world of Influencer Marketing and how you can become an effective influencer
  • How to become an effective influencer
  • How to develop authentic content
  • How to stay true to your audience
  • How to bring brands to life through digital content on your channels
  • How to launch a professional blog
  • How to grow your Instagram
  • How to create your media kit
  • The do’s and don’t of media kits
  • and much more

Photo Shoot Training

Everything you need to know about photo shoots, posing and finding your angles.
  • How to pose for the camera
  • Some points on posing (hands, arms, body, legs, feet, hands, eyes and chin)
  • How to understand your angles and know what works best for you
  • How to practice
  • Which equipment should I know?
  • Physical appearance
  • General tips and tricks from the experts
  • and much more

Make-up Application Masterclass

Make-up tutorials, skins care tips and tricks from one of the industry's experts.
  • Prepping & perfecting your skin with moisturizer & primer
  • Flawless application of concealer, foundation & compact
  • Highlight & contour according to your face shape
  • Application of eye primers, shadows & the correct technique of blending
  • Perfecting eyeliner, kohl & mascara application for your eyes
  • Brow filling
  • The secret to application of perfect lipstick
  • Getting your blush right
  • Practicing the smokey eye
  • Quick make-up coverups & how to make your make-up last longer
  • Selecting make-up according to your skin type & tone
  • Learn different makeup looks
  • and much more

Hair Masterclass

Hairstyling tutorials, hair care tips and tricks
  • Recognize your own hair & scalp type & how to care for it
  • Identify various hair products, tools and equipment
  • Learn concepts such as: Twists, Braids, Poufs, Buns, Runway Pony
  • Practice techniques on your own hair such as: Backcombing, Sectioning, Blow wave, Straightening, Curls & Waves
  • Create customized hairstyles
  • and much more

Catwalk training for models

Everything you need to know about the runway!
  • Posture
  • Movement techniques
  • Facial expressions
  • Posing
  • Body awareness and control
  • Hands/feet placement
  • Turns
  • Various walks
  • and much more

Pageant Training

We know exactly what the judges are looking for each year
  • Finding your unique “brand” and controlling your interview
  • Creating a winning bio
  • Mastering your on-stage interview and final question
  • Learning how to “properly combine” your meals for maximum weight loss and glowing skin
  • Perfecting your walk and stage presence
  • Eye contact with the judges and audience
  • Maximizing your sponsorships to help offset pageant costs
  • Networking for your future
  • Creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your pageant sisters
  • and much more

Personal Styling workshop

Learn how to be your own personal fashion stylist
  • Identifying your own personal style
  • Color analysis & identifying your coloring
  • Understanding & creating a balance between trends & classics.
  • Dressing as per your body shape to highlight the assets & minimize the flaws.
  • The art of illusion & camouflage dressing and layering
  • How to conduct your wardrobe assessment, wardrobe planning & visualization exercises
  • Dress codes, occasion dressing & dressing age appropriately
  • Clothing Combinations
  • Accessorizing
  • Scarf Styling
  • Quality and fit
  • Shopping tips
  • Styling tips & tricks
  • and much more

International Dining Etiquette Workshop

This workshop will equip you with international dining skills, the confidence and poise needed for any social, business or cocktail party, reception or networking event.
  • Formal & Informal Place Settings for a 3, 5 & 7-course meal
  • Correctly identifying & demonstrating the two universally accepted styles of dining
  • Dining decorum & gracefully handling difficult foods & situations
  • Flatware & Stemware Protocol
  • Identifying various chopsticks & demonstrating its correct use
  • Protocol for Passing, Ordering, Paying and Tipping
  • Napkin Folding & Etiquette
  • International Forms of Service
  • Eating Soup Gracefully
  • Dining Dos and Don’ts
  • and much more

Body Language Workshop

This workshop is designed to enhance your own personality by learning to project confidence, elegance & charismatic leadership
  • Decoding body gestures and recognize the difference across cultures and will understand how to portray a more confident self through positive body language techniques
  • Reading facial expressions and learn how to match your body language to your words
  • Decoding body-language techniques for the professional world and increase the odds of being hired or hiring
  • How to spot a fake smile or when someone is lying
  • Reduce the chances of being misunderstood & maintain relationships
  • Graceful sitting, standing, walking, gesturing as well as professional tips to add charisma, style and personal presence to your daily routine
  • Proper carriage, posture and poise etiquette
  • Getting in and out of a car with grace
  • Descending a staircase
  • Putting on & removing coats
  • Elegantly walking in high heels
  • and much more